Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming is a new service being added by PamPAW'd Pets. At the beginning of 2018, Katie attended a cat grooming seminar by the amazing Danelle German from America and ever since then has delved into the world of grooming cats! Katie is currently completing her Complete Cat Grooming Training Syllabus through National Cat Groomers Institute of America and hopes to one day become a Certified Master Feline Groomer!

All cats are groomed without sedation and with gentle handling. This is not suitable for all cats but generally if your cat is happy to be held and petted they can usually be groomed without sedation. If your cat requires sedation it must be done at a vet. 

All services are done one on one and kept as short as possible to minimise stress. All cats must be brought in a carrier. Our spots are very limited for cat grooming and highly recommend you organise a regular booking with us.

Wet Cat

Bath & Blow Dry

A warm, gentle scrub with special cat specific shampoo, blow dry, brush out of undercoat and dander and nails clipped.

Starting from $100

Lion Clip

A short full body clip including hygiene areas leaving a mane, the legs and tail either full or with a lion tip. Bath and brush out and nails clipped. 

Short Clips Starting From $180

Longer Comb Clips from $220

Please note this is a starting price only and is dependant on the size of the cat, the cats behaviour and coat condition.

Big Cat with Bandana
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